Ken's Upholstery

Interior Design services in Philly, Delco, and Montgomery County since 2005

What services do we provide?

Residential Upholstery

Do you need an update to existing furniture to match new design schemes? Does a furniture piece need work to lengthen their lifespan? Is there unique projects that needed to be upholsterd? Ken's Upholstery will work with you to discuss your specific style and needs. Click to read the details!

Commercial Upholstery

Does your business need durable and sustainable furniture? Does your business need specific design goals to be realized? Ken's Upholstery will work on short-term and long-term projects to match your business needs to improve aesthetics to attract customer traction. Click for info!

Cushion/Fluff Restoration

Tired of limp, misshapen sofa or chair cushions? We also offer services to restuff and restore sofa cushions and pillows back into shape (literally and figuratively).

Why Upholster Old vs. Buying New?

Considering it is easy to buy new products with a click of button on e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, the consumption of mass-produced products is at an all time high. Not to knock anyone's boots, but mass-produced furniture tend to have a lower quality and shorter shelf lifespan. Not only that, Earth's landfills are filled with these furniture and other products more than ever.

Upholstering is the act of existing furniture with services such as: redesigning antique furniture into contemporary pieces, replacing fabric and padding, and restoring furniture backbones. Upholstering extends the lifespan of furniture, making it the sustainable and cost-effective choice while also customer-tailoring the design to your specific tastes. 🙌