COVID Procedures

Your Safety is Our Priority

We are committed to caring for the health and well-being of our partners and most importantly, you - our customer. We know times are tough in COVID, especially as we head into the holidays where certain families cannot be reunited for the altruistic sake of safety. We have decided to write this blog post entailing what we strive for during times like these.

We pledge

To keep our customers safe, we pledge:

  • To wear n95 grade masks when communicating with our customers in-person (to retrieve furniture pieces)

  • One upholsterer/designer is assigned to each project

  • Communication will be kept to a minimal to phone and emails and limited outdoor face-to-face communications

  • Constant and consistent monitoring of COVID symptoms day-by-day

  • Wash our hands and any potential exposed areas frequently

  • Full transparency of our guidelines

With that in mind...

We encourage all of our customers to communicate to us of any discomfort or specific instructions we should follow. We want to make you feel safe and comfortable for your well-being as much as we bring comfort back into your furniture pieces. After all, we are partners. šŸ¤